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Nail Salon Software Essentials: Optimizing Your Beauty Business Management

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Step into the future of nail salons with salon software—the ultimate fairy godmother for streamlined beauty and business.

From online booking to efficient inventory tracking, it ensures your salon thrives effortlessly.

No more nail-biters; it's time to let technology redefine your salon experience and set new industry standards.

Here’s my review of some of the best salon software in the market this 2024.

Let’s dive in now!

Quickly Review: Top Salon Software Picks

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When running a nail salon, it's essential to have the right software that can handle bookings, payments, and your day-to-day operations effortlessly.

Let's look at software that stands out for being the cream of the crop in their categories, ensuring your salon runs like a well-oiled machine.

1. Best Overall: Mangomint

Rating: 9.5

  • Exceptional user satisfaction and wide-ranging features.
  • Streamlined booking experience that clients love.
  • Comprehensive retail sales management.
  • Automation of day-to-day operations.
  • Intuitive payment processing capabilities.

2.  Best Extra Features: GlossGenius

Rating: 9

  • Loaded with smart, client-centric functionality.
  • Elegant and sophisticated client interface.
  • Robust marketing tools to grow your business.
  • Integrates smoothly with social media platforms.
  • Real-time analytics for informed decision-making.

3. Most Customizable: Vagaro

Rating: 9

  • Tailor the software to your salon's specific needs.
  • A wide array of customizable features and options.
  • Marketing capabilities that help expand client reach.
  • Multifunctional mobile app for convenient access.
  • Inventory management to keep track of all salon products.

4. Best Free Salon Software: Fresha

Rating: 9

  • Free software offering premium features.
  • No subscription fees for a cost-effective solution.
  • Powerful online booking system.
  • Tools for POS, CRM, and inventory tracking.
  • Engaging automated marketing to retain customers.

5. Best High-End: Boulevard

Rating: 8.5

  • Provides a luxury experience to both clients and owners.
  • Premium look and feel across client interfaces.
  • Personalized client management features.
  • Advanced reporting analytics for a detailed business overview.
  • Seamless integration with top-quality hardware.

6. Most Innovative: Zenoti

Rating: 8.5

  • Cutting-edge features and continual updates.
  • AI-powered smart marketing tools.
  • Centralized management for multiple locations.
  • Efficient employee and inventory management.
  • Strong focus on customer experience analytics.

7. Best-In-Class Marketing Suite: Meevo

Rating: 8

  • Offers powerful marketing solutions.
  • Easy access anywhere.
  • Easy navigation.

8. Most Reliable: KORONA POS

Rating: 8

  • Offers consistent performance and stability.
  • Scalable for businesses of all sizes.
  • Cloud-based system for easy access anywhere.
  • Detailed inventory management with vendor relations.
  • Efficient employee management and time tracking.

9. Best In Integration: DaySmart

Rating: 7.5

  • Easy to navigate.
  • Integrates well with mobile app.
  • Reliable customer support for troubleshooting.

10. Most User-Friendly: Rosy

Rating: 7.5

  • Offers consistent performance and stability.
  • Scalable for businesses of all sizes.
  • Cloud-based system for easy access anywhere.
  • Detailed inventory management with vendor relations.
  • Efficient employee management and time tracking.

Bonus: Best For Ease of Use: Blue Jay POS

Rating: 7

  • Intuitive and straightforward interface.
  • Quick setup for immediate use
  • Flexible hardware setup for different salon spaces.
  • Reliable customer support for troubleshooting
  • Standard transaction processing and stock management.

Each of these salon software systems has been carefully chosen for its strengths in specific areas so you can find the perfect fit for your unique nail salon.

Whether you're streamlining your services, expanding your customer reach, or just starting out, these tools have the potential to elevate your business game!

Things to Consider Before Buying Salon Software

GIF Things to Consider Before Buying Salon Software.gif__PID:ea4b91d4-9dd3-4679-9061-22c566b92031

Now, we adore a gorgeously manicured set of nails, but behind every sleek polish is a nail salon business that needs to run like clockwork.

Investing in the right salon software is like choosing the perfect top coat - it seals the deal! Let's get down to the nitty-gritty of what to keep an eye out for:

Ease of Bookings

Look for software that simplifies the booking process. We want user-friendly platforms where clients can book their preferred stylist and services without breaking a sweat.

Staff Management Must-Haves

Your new digital bestie should help manage your team like a pro. This means tracking attendance, and performance, and setting up a shift system that doesn't require a degree in rocket science.

Staff Management Features

Daily attendance tracking
Performance reviews
Shift scheduling
Incentive management

Integrating with Style

A system that can chat with your payment provider and handle credit card details or pre-appointment deposits is a salon's dream. Your checkout process should be as smooth as that final layer of glossy topcoat.

Inventory Tracking

Keep tabs on your products like you would on your favorite nail polish color. Software that helps track inventory is crucial unless you fancy the surprise of running out of your best-selling nude mid-manicure.

Market Like a Boss

Your software should come with built-in marketing tools to help promote your business. It's about turning that 'Closed' sign to 'Open for Business' 24/7!

Get Data-Savvy

In a data-driven world, your software should provide valuable insights. Think about favorite staff details, service trends, and tips to polish up your business strategies.

Investing in nail salon management software is about making your life easier while providing stellar services.

Review of the Top Salon Software

Review of the Top Salon Software.png__PID:50b76649-ea4b-41d4-9dd3-1679906122c5

Selecting the right salon software is a game-changer for any nail salon striving for efficiency and client satisfaction.

In my quest to streamline operations, I've sifted through the best on the market, assessing features such as booking, inventory management, point-of-sale (POS), and customer relationship management (CRM).



Mangomint caught my eye for its refined design explicitly tailored for salons and spas. Its promise is in its high performance, with features like frustration-free online booking and robust payment processing.

Balancing against the market leader, it boasts a leading overall score, but at a price of $245 per month, it's a higher-tier investment that includes:

  • Sleek user interface
  • Automation of day-to-day operations


  • Customizable for brand-specific needs
  • High client satisfaction
  • Intuitive booking experience
  • Advanced analytics
  • Secure payment processing


  • Higher cost than some competitors
  • Mainly focused on U.S. and Canadian markets

This company has grown substantially since its inception, earning a reputation for sophisticated yet user-friendly software solutions. 

In my honest opinion, Mangomint stands out for its ability to effectively automate salon operations while maintaining a classy, modern interface.



GlossGenius is synonymous with ease of use, aimed at independent professionals.

It claims to streamline workflow with a smooth interface and robust features at a more accessible price point than Mangomint. While it hasn't been around as long as some competitors, it touts:

  • A mobile app POS system
  • A significantly low monthly cost


  • Intuitive for solo practitioners
  • Budget-friendly
  • Strong customer engagement tools
  • Accessible from various devices
  • Efficient booking system


  • May lack depth for more extensive salons
  • Less comprehensive than market leaders in terms of features

GlossGenius particularly excels in the independent salon space, with its standout feature being the easy-to-navigate user interface, enabling professionals to manage their business from their fingertips.



When it comes to nail salon management software, Vagaro is a versatile tool with a promise to increase productivity for nail salons. It provides a complete suite of features to manage bookings, payments, pos, and marketing in one platform.

Vagaro emphasizes efficiency and comprehensive solutions for the nail salon industry. Specific to Vagaro, their software includes:

  • Multifunctional scheduling capabilities
  • Integrated payment processing


  • All-in-one business management
  • Marketing and POS included
  • User-friendly interface
  • Competitive pricing structure
  • Extensive customization options


  • Can be overwhelming with features
  • Some reports of steep learning curve for new users



Fresha stands out in the realm of nail salon software for its no-subscription fee business model. Its offerings include:

  • Comprehensive appointment management tools
  • Card payment processing at no monthly cost


  • No monthly fees, enjoy a free subscription model
  • Integrated marketing tools
  • User-friendly interface
  • Live support


  • Transaction fees on certain services
  • Integrated marketing tools
  • Limited advanced features compared to paid software



For those looking for software crafted meticulously for appointment-based, self-care businesses, Boulevard is a sight to behold. It prides itself as a client experience platform, designed to elevate the entire client journey from start to finish. With Boulevard, you'll find:

  • Streamlined booking experience
  • Tailored marketing and analytics tools


  • Client-centric design
  • High-end aesthetic appealing to upscale salons
  • Robust reporting capabilities
  • Excellent customer service


  • Priced at a premium
  • Might be too feature-rich for smaller establishments

However, don't take my word for it; feel the sleekness of the interface and the breadth of features with Boulevard's own demonstration.



Zenoti has made waves with its all-in-one solution designed to handle the comprehensive demands of larger salon chains. It includes:

  • A suite of enterprise-level tools
  • AI-driven marketing automation


  • Scalable to business size
  • Powerful CRM capabilities
  • Seamless booking experience
  • Strong lineup of integrations


  • Higher price point for smaller operations
  • Complexity can be daunting for some users



Meevo strikes a balance between functionality and user experience, catering to the modern-day salon with its cloud-based platform and:

  • Smart registers
  • Personalized client profiles


  • Intuitive design
  • Flexible and accessible from multiple devices
  • Advanced security features


  • Some advanced features may come at an extra cost
  • Might require additional training for full utilization

In each case, I've assessed these solutions not just for their features but also for the promise they hold to transform a nail salon's daily operations.


KORONA POS.png__PID:c841d40b-3d50-4766-89ea-4b91d49dd316

KORONA POS is an innovative solution that extends beyond just the beauty industry. Its customization allows it to be finely tuned for nail salons. Key features include:

  • Inventory tracking
  • Advanced reporting options


  • Flexible and adaptable to various industries
  • No contracts or hidden fees
  • Real-time data insights


  • May include unnecessary features for smaller salons
  • A learning curve due to its extensive capabilities



DaySmart Salon Software has been a steadfast choice for many, offering a blend of powerful features to manage appointments, staff, and inventory. With DaySmart, salon owners get:

  • Robust reporting functionality
  • Integrated marketing tools


  • Flexible to accommodate various salon sizes
  • All-in-one platform for managing operations
  • Extensive support resources


  • UI can feel dated compared to newer software
  • Some premium features require additional cost



Heralded for its salon-centric approach, Rosy offers software solutions crafted by leading figures in the beauty industry. For salon owners, Rosy provides:

  • Intuitive scheduling and POS
  • Responsive customer support


  • Developed with insight from industry professionals
  • Regular feature updates
  • Mobile access for professionals on the go


  • More suitable for single-location salons
  • Lacks some functionalities for complex enterprises

Blue Jay POS

Blue Jay POS.png__PID:51ac64fa-f255-4841-940b-3d50b76649ea

Blue Jay POS marks its place in the industry with an interface designed for rapid checkout and efficiency. Ideal for nail salons that experience high volumes of clients, it provides:

  • Streamlined transaction processing
  • Simplified client management


  • Tailored for quick service environments
  • Easy to train staff
  • Customizable product grid


  • Less emphasis on client relationship management
  • Might be simplistic for those requiring advanced features

Value Editorial & Buying Debates

GIF Value Editorial & Buying Debates.gif__PID:4b91d49d-d316-4990-a122-c566b920316b

When you're in the market for nail salon software, you're looking for more than just a digital appointment book. It's about finding a partner who ticks all the boxes for management, marketing, and more.

We know that, and we get it.

Cost vs. Features: Finding balance before you whip out the credit card, let's chat cost. A top-performing software like GlossGenius might run you $24/month, and while that's amazing for small salons, it's not about price alone.

It's about value. Ask yourself if the features on offer solve your specific challenges and cater to your unique clientele.

  • Simple Booking: Do you want clients booking their appointments without a hassle? Tick this box.
  • Scheduling Ease: Can you and your staff manage your day with a quick glance? Crucial for smooth operation.
  • Payment Processing: A bitter pill to swallow but necessary. Check if they've got secure and swift payment solutions.

Ease of Onboarding: The word 'software' can send a shiver down the most tech-savvy spine but fear not.

Options like Mangomint, known for user satisfaction, and Fresha, with no set-up fee, could be your savior.

They make the transition as seamless as a freshly buffed nail. No more hair-pulling—you'll be up and running in no time.

  • Education & Support: These are not just add-ons; they’re your safety nets. Will your new software buddy come with educational resources and reliable support? This is non-negotiable.

Staying Ahead of The Game: Let’s face it, competition in the nail industry is as tough as a gel manicure.

Software like Vagaro talks big on marketing tools and operational organization. So, fancy automating emails or need an eagle's eye on your finances? Ensure your choice comes loaded with these tools.

  • Market Yourself: Nail the marketing side of things with features that let the world know just how good you are.

Before You Say 'I Do': It's a partnership, not just a purchase. It's not enough that your software is low maintenance.

You have to work as hard as you do. That's why you need a system that understands the nail game inside out and is as committed to your success as you are.

  • Client Management: If you're not tracking client history, are you even pampering? Opt for software that lets you personalize that mani-pedi experience.

By balancing cost and features, ensuring painless onboarding, staying competitive with top-notch marketing tools, and managing your clientele like a pro, you'll nail the software game.

Think of it as choosing the right top coat—essential for a polished finish. You've got this, and we’re right here with you!

Our Verdict: The Ultimate Salon Software Guide

GIF Our Verdict_ The Ultimate Salon Software Guide.gif__PID:6649ea4b-91d4-4dd3-9679-906122c566b9

When it comes to nailing the salon software game, Mangomint clearly takes the crown.

Mangomint emerges as the clear champion, flaunting a refined design, high-performance features, and tailored solutions for U.S. and Canadian markets.

Its sleek interface, customization options, and advanced analytics outshine the competition, making it the go-to for salon perfection.

While GlossGenius and Vagaro claim the runner-up titles with their user-friendly interfaces and versatile functionalities, Mangomint reigns supreme with a winning combination of style, substance, and tailored performance.

Your salon deserves the Mangomint magic, you can check their website now for your salon business management needs.