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117 Top Instagram Influencers to Follow for Nail Inspiration

Ever find yourself running out of ideas?

Constantly coming up with new nail designs can be hard.

So we decided to create this ridiculously long list of 117 top nail influencers to follow on Instagram for inspiration.

Noticed we said "for inspiration".

If you find yourself using their designs please just simply tag, credit, and tell them you appreciate their work.

Here's a big list of some of the best nail influencers on Instagram.

You can filter through the list to find the influencer by clicking on your style. The influencers are in no particular order. They're all number 1.

Let’s dive right in.

  • Acrylics
  • Gel
  • Glitter
  • Nail Art
  • Nail Polish
  • Minimal

1. @Jadetangtheartist (aka
Jade Tang

Jade Tang is one of the hottest nail artists trending on social media right now.

With her own private nail studio based in California, she exudes that high class aesthetic with her elegant, yet edgy designs.

2. @juniebeenails
Junie Bee Nails


Junie Bee Nails creates to die for acrylic designs that give off a sassy and chill vibes.

From gorgeous fonts to elegant jewel embellishments, Junie Bee Nails is stunning on all nail types.

3. @shes_erica
Owner of Lavish Nail Bar


Based in Florida, this tropical nail salon owner flaunts flirty and feminine nail styles.

Her fresh floral and bejeweled art will make you feel like you stepped into a glittery world of bohemian glitz and glam.

4. @marsha_marsha_nails
Marsha Touissaint

Marsha Toussaint

For funky and colorful acrylic styles, head over to Marsha’s page for some serious inspiration.

Her fun patterns and colorful prints will leave you energized and ready to try a bold, new look.

5. @sanginnailtek


Ebony’s page has one of the cleanest aesthetics on Instagram.

Her designs are timeless and flawless.

Just browsing the photos on her feed will have you craving a fresh manicure with a glossy nude polish to finish the look.

6. @sierrasnails_
Sierra Unsicker

sierra unsicker

Based in Utah, Sierra offers online nail art courses for aspiring nail artists looking to improve their hand painting techniques.

Sierra is incredibly talented in hand-painted designs with a clean look that is as close to the cuticle as possible.

While most of her shapes and lengths are basic, her page’s aesthetic is both satisfying and calming.

7. @nailsby_evon
Evon Yen Vuong

Evon Yen Vuong

Evon may just be the princess of pop nail art.

Her acrylic designs boast trendy designer prints that look like they stepped right out of a Chanel or Gucci.

Most impressively, all her designs are hand-painted.

8. @noodle_yess
Leah Candiliere


Leah is probably one of the hottest artists trending when it comes to stiletto shape acrylics.

Not only does she specialize in embellishments like seashells and beads, but she is known to hand paint pop and anime designs.

9. @nailsbydyan


Dyan’s page is growing a larger following and rightfully so!

Her nail art has an avant-garde feel with elegant and glitzy glamour.

Some of her latest genius creations include art that is created when two or more nails are joined.

Cue the butterfly wings!

Nails by Dyan screams chic and we are all about it.

10. @by_jqueen


Jessica is truly the queen of cool summer vibes with her nail art.

Her other intricate designs are inspired from nature scenes like the Aurora Borealis at the relaxing California beach.

Jqueen’s nail art captivate her Instagram followers and leave them feeling like they teleported to a scene from a gram-worthy nature scene.

11. @fiina_naillounge
Sandy Le


The texture and palettes by Sandy are inspired by everyday beauty like roses and formal fabric.

Her layering and detail are intense, leaving the nail a classic work of art.

12. @nailsdid.byginger


Ginger’s feed takes the everyday client’s nail and transforms them into sassy and chic accessories.

Her clean, yet unique approach to design will keep her following growing by the day.

Look out for Ginger, as her nail designs are coveted by many.

13. @johnhnguyen94
John Nguyen


It is rare to find an acrylic design by John that does not have a pop of jewel somewhere, but that is what we love about his Instagram!

John has a way of elongating the nail and adding just the right pop of class and sparkle to any acrylic set.

14. @mr.nailz
Brian Wen


If you are looking for edgy and unique designs, @mr.nailz is the guy for you.

He cultivates a look that is a perfect marriage of pop culture and nail culture couture.

His sports brand looks are a client favorite.

15. @hnnailsbyhoney
Honey Phan


Channel your inner youth with Nails by Honey.

Her aesthetic is everything we loved about our younger years from bright color combinations to 90’s inspired fairy glitter.

Not only does Honey have her own line of color, but she is also one of the top 12 Nails Next Top Artists.

16. @malishka702_nails


Malishka’s nails are cute, quirky and edgy.

You’ll find a happy mixture of patterns and solids on her variety of acrylics.

A perfect balance of versatility with on fleek trends.

17. @nailsbytim


Oh, Tim!

How we adore his style!

Tim’s nails have the right amount of pop and flair with no two nails the same.

He creatively executes a look that is diverse from nail to nail without sacrificing the overall theme.

18. @aymehnails
Amy Yeg


Looking for something new and break the mundane look?

Amy’s page will inspire you to try something new.

Let her geometric patterns and artsy nudes elevate your nail decorating game.

19. @johnnynailswag
Johnny Nguyen


Johnny takes it to the next level with his bright colors and elegantly shaped acrylics.

From holographic halos to bejeweled stiletto nails, he is quickly earning his way towards becoming a major nail influencer.

20. @iluvurnailz


We love @iluvurnailz!

Watch out for her instantly unique designs!

She is incredibly talented at painting miniature artwork while also accurately matching color palettes to fit any occasion or season.

21. @Vo.tino
Tino Vo


Escape to a tropical paradise or galaxy far away with Tino!

His nail designs are best paired with Drake and Malibu rum.

The gold, Egyptian inspired relic designs are intricate enough for a royal goddess.

22. @vincentnails
VinChen Tran


VinChen’s nails are completely unique and one of a kind!

His high contrast patterns are often complemented with a pop of warmth.

His coffin and stiletto nails will have you craving for more nail swag.

23. @toplinenails
Topline Nails


Topline Nails has all the things hot right now.

From designer logos to poppin’ coffins acrylics, no filter is needed for these beauties.

It is likely you’ll find her designs somewhere in Hollywood or the runway.

24. @nailstudiobytom
Tom Nguyen


Tom Nguyen’s is a professional at 3D nail art.

His designs are perfectly tailored to special events and holiday occasions.

Tom is a winner of ANFTS and currently operates out of Plano, Texas.

25. @Zack_pn


Zack’s designs are bright and fun!

He specializes in clear acrylic tinted with high gloss neons.

Zack plays with a blend of street style and retro fashion that brightens up those dull nail beds.

26. @Vanessa_nailz
Vanessa Gisselle


All that you need to compliment Vanessa Gisselle’s nail art is a cozy, neon sweater, and bright pink lipstick.

Her bright and iridescent color combinations complement her minimalistic approach to nail jewels.

With just the right amount of sheen and pop of color, Vanessa’s feed is on point.

27. @thenailbaby


While Vanessa’s feed is consistently simple, yet trendy, you’ll find an occasional breathtaking masterpiece.

Vanessa knows the right time to flex.

28. @dashboardbeauty
Dashboard Beauty


Shameless plug... :D 

If you’re trying to grow your nail business, Dashboard Beauty has made it their mission to help educate you.

From nail bits to business guides, Dashboard is a one-stop for  education and products.

29. @lisapetitenails
Lisa Lee


Lisa Lee is a petite nail charmer!

Her gel application is skillful perfection.

Lisa also offers detailed cuticle repair, ensuring a clean and glamorous look from the tip to the cuticle.

30. @_luxk
Kia Stewart


Kia is a unique gel technician with a knack for nail health.

She exemplifies the funky creator that uses Japanese Gel and non toxic vegan brands to create inspiration art.

31. @nailbrew


Is there anything Nidia can’t do with gel?

From smooth, basic designs to intricate nail art, who says short nails have to be boring?

32. @leelegends


Lee loves luminary gel but who doesn’t?

Lee is a Gel-X pro who offers classes on her gel skills.

Her feed will change any apprehension you have for gel nails with her sparkly perfection.

33. @anikibee


If you are wanting a good page to follow that plays with different polish textures, Anja’s page will satisfy your glitter cravings.

She loves a polish with dimension but also dabbles in decadent nail art and glitter.

34. @nailsbymei
Mei Kawajiri


The nail art done by the ever so talented Mei Kawajiri are absolutely adorable!

Her style is unlike others out there with a special anime inspiration twist on many of her designs.

35. @britneytokyo
Britney TOKYO


Britney Tokyo takes the pop art nail game to the next level.

From bold animal prints to bright emojis, her art is sure to put a smile on your face.

36. @chelseaqueen
Chelsea King


Chelsea's one of the upcoming nail bloggers out there.

Her designs are beautiful and elegant.

If you're looking for a breath of fresh air then you should give her page a follow.

37. @leximartone
Lexi Martone


Lexi’s nail art designs are dripping with detail.

Her dark whimsical creations are a perfect mixture of cute meets goth.

If you are a fan of anime, sports and Halloween, her page is the perfect one to follow.

38. @stephstonenails
Steph Stone


Steph Stone is one amazing nail artist who specializes in celebrity nail art.

She frequently works for celebrities such as Mylie Cyrus!

Her nail art ranges from clean and basic to intricate and fashion forward.

39. @mpnails
Madeline Poole


Madeline Poole is just a great place to go for inspiration.

This Instagram page is covered with fresh ideas and techniques for mastering the arduous task of gel nail art.

40. @cassmariebeauty
Cassandra Marie


Cassandra’s page is perfect for manicure inspiration.

From half nail french manicures to trendy neon strips, Cassie never seems to run out of Insta fashion ideas.

41. @amyle.nails
Amy Le


When it comes to precision, you won’t find a more talented polish nail artist than Amy Le.

Her skill is so profound, it looks like it jumped right off of a digital artist's screen.

42. @thehangedit
Hang Nguyen


Hang has been featured in multiple press articles ranging from Cosmopolitan to Vogue.

From Picasso remakes to 1990’s street art, she can do just about anything. Give her page a follow.

43. @nail_art_by_tal


We love Tal’s Instagram because she has an amazing aesthetic feed that really focuses on the thorough detail in each nail photo.

Tal’s designs are good enough to create a fashion line of their own.

Where can we order? We're here for it!

44. @redheadnails


When it comes to taking risks in the name of beauty, Magda doesn’t mess around!

She plays with different techniques like transfer foil for looks that would stop traffic.

45. @paintboxnails
Paint Box


Paint Box Nails helps tell their stories through their personalized nail art.

Check out their Instagram page to access beautiful and simple nail art. Give their page a follow.

46. @manicure.d


Based in Portugal, Marta is likely to become one of the hottest trending nail artists worldwide.

Her eye for aesthetic and ability to recreate artist inspirations are quickly growing her Instagram.

Ooo girl!

47. @megtannahill
Meg Tannahill


You will love Meg Tannahill if you love watercolor and artsy nails that look like a classic paintings.

Her page is stunning and will have you scrolling and look for inspiration for hours.

48. @moyou_london
MoYou London


If you haven’t dabbled in plating yet, you totally should!

Even though a brand, MoYou London has some of the most unique and versatile plates out there. They will help you create a unique and expensive look for your clients.

49. @nailed_it_portland
Bree Garland


Bree Garland is a studio genius who is not afraid to experiment with jewels and textures.

Her polish and art designs are fit for a queen.

50. @nbnailart


Bianka’s page will make you smile but also have you eager to play around with nail street art.

Her cute clips of nail art can be mix and matched. Or proudly stand alone atop a uniform look.

She also has occasional nail challenges if you’re looking to get experimental.

51. @_frosty_nails
Frosty Nails


Frosty Nails is a graphic designer by craft and it shows.

Frosty’s unique eye for design and negative space is a fresh breath of air.

52. @natashkinskas


We love scrolling through Natalia's IG page for her cute designs. 

Natalia’s page is has that savory earthy tone you need for your nails.

53. @ninanailedit
Nina Park


Nina’s nail art is highly addicting!

You will most likely want to redecorate your entire house and wardrobe just to accommodate her antiquely chic designs.

Even better, you can find her Scratch nail designs at Ulta.

54. @sohotrightnail
Bel Fountain-Townsend


Bel has been published in too many articles to count, including publishers like Harper’s Bazaar.

Not only is she trendy and hot right now, but keeps pushing the limits and setting new standards with her talent and imagination.

55. @nailsby_kana


Kana’s Instagram account has a chic and simple tones that accentuates the elegance of her styles.

Look no further than Kana’s page if you have a palette for Kim Kardashian-esque aesthetic.

56. @hannahroxit
Hannah Lee


Hannah Lee takes us back to the basics with her simple and sweet polish art.

From 1990’s inspired looks to bold 2020 colors, Hannah is making her way to the top on Instagram.

57. @chalkboardnails
Sarah Thompson


Sarah Thompson’s Instagram is one we could scroll for hours!

If you are wanting to up your nail art game, she provides thorough tutorials and reviews for those looking to build their craft.

58. @narinanails
Narina Chan


Narina does it all from classic anime depictions to published editorial ready polish.

Her art is divine and alluring. Double-tab and give her page a follow.

59. @lieve91


LJ’s nails are so fun!

She has a unique eye and each set of her nails has a unique look seldom found elsewhere.

Her page is flooded with adorable nail art solely painted by her!

60. @marinelp91


There are more to Marine’s nails than initially meets the eye.

Her designs are so incredible that you have to zoom in just to see the depth and creativity of her nails.

Although her page is in French, the art speaks for itself.

61. @so_nailicious
Maria V


You may feel bummed when you first see Maria’s nail art, as it appears impossible to replicate.

Fear not, as she uses her own So Nailicious nail stickers to achieve her beautiful high-end looks.

62. @banicured_


From drippy smiley faces to daring cow print, Bana is a professional at playing with textures and patterns.

Her creations are mainly hand-painted with a touch of awesomeness.

63. @nailartbysig
Sigourney Nuñez


Any good nail artist knows to never underestimate the power of a simplicity. 

Sigourney has mastered this concept with her minimalistic approach that screams sophistication and demands your utmost attention. Double-tab on her designs and give her a follow. 

64. @betina_goldstein
Betina R. Goldstein


Betina knows how to market her styles on Instagram.

With stunningly gorgeous nail art, she often pairs her looks with a unique jewelry.

She’s careful that the rings accentuate but not overpower her simple and elegant nail concepts.

65. @nailsbycanishiea
Canishiea J. Sams


Okay, Canishiea!

We see you!

Her paintings are one hundred percent unique and authentic with the availability of custom orders for clients.

Canishiea’s level of client dedication should be written down in every salon owner’s notes.

66. @jeealee


Cute, simple, and intricate. Stephanie's designs are some of the best ones you'll find on the internet. 

Double-tab on this photo and give her page a follow now. 

67. @nail_unistella
Park Eunkyung


Look no further than Park’s Instagram.

The edgy and pop culture designs will have your clients leaving the salon feeling top notch.

68. @nailsbymimi
Mimi D


Mimi D. is an incredibly talented nail artist.

Some of her looks are straight off the runway that you won’t want to miss.

69. @badgirlnails


If you are wondering what makes Sonia’s page so intriguing that would lead her to gain 1.1 million followers, just watch her unicorn quartz nails video on Instagram.

Her feed speaks for itself.

70. @nailsteria


If you don’t follow many stamping plate connoisseurs, now is the time!

Tanya has some of the most incredible designs using stamps that take nail art to the next level.

71. @nails.bab
Nail Bab


The Instagram by @nails.bab is filled with gel nails goodness.

From colors that pop to fun designs, their page is filled with gelatinous inspiration.

72. @msladiiz
Misleidys Mora-De Los Santos


Misleidys is a mystical nail magician.

Her nail design is mesmerizing and filled with magic. Give this picture a heart and go follow her page for more inspiration now. 

73. @Nyahnailartist


Nyah’s page is unlike most nail Instagram pages out there.

While she is a skilled nail artist, her page calls to a vintage muse in everyday life for inspiration.

Robin Renee

Robin Renee is fabulous!

Robin does not post anything less than amazing on her page. Give her some love and follow her Instagram page.

75. @isabelmaynails
Isabel May


Every nail artist needs to ensure they are constantly playing and experimenting with new textures and designs.

A common question is, “how?”

The best way is to follow talented texture craftswomen like Isabel who can help you take your skills to the next level.

76. @gaudyoctopus


Valori’s designs are fun, flirty, and full of pop art sensations.

With a little bit of glitter and a dash of goth, Valori will make your day!

77. @nailpolishedlife


Amy plays with a perfect combination and contrast of colors in her nail polish designs.

She will be one to follow especially with the fall season.

78. @sfnoma


Kristen’s page is full of inspiration and press-on designs you can’t miss.

Give her photos some love and give her a follow on Instagram today.

79. @buffcsjen
Jen Seales


Jen Seales is artfully determined to change the nail industry with her captivating designs that play off of everyday accessories like tortoise shell glasses and quilted purses.

Check out her page and let us know what you think. Nothing but awesomeness.

80. @_thenailgenie


Claudia has perfected the checkered look, tye die, and basically any other hot trend out there right now.

81. @abbydoesnails
Abby Johnson


Abby’s page has a clean aesthetic with mostly gel art.

She tends to prefer shorter, attainable nails for the everyday client and nail student.

82. @thatnailchemist
Melissa Reyes


It isn’t often we get a glimpse of a show-stopping matte polish look, but Melissa Reyes combines a gorgeous matte color with clean cuticles that will have you craving a matte in your life.

83. @nailsbyheathere


Looking through Heather’s page will make you want to travel Morocco just to look at the tile and compare it to her gorgeous art.

If you are in need of a refreshing swatch of patterns, follow Heather.

84. @nails_and_soul
Na Ho


Na Ho will make you think designer.

Her art is eclectic and intriguing for the person who desires to stand out with their nails.

85. @thenailladylincoln


When it comes to gel nails, Yael has absolutely nailed it!

She uses a variety of tools from gels to woodland view decals.

Sammi May

Pastels are one of our favorites and Sammi May must know that.

Several designs on her feed utilize this calming and beautifully elegant technique.

87. @charsgelnails_


If you love abstract art, you’ll adore Charlotte’s page at @charsgelnails_.

No other nail artists could compare. Give her page a follow. 

88. @krocaine
Kro Vargas


Think Barbie meets baddie boss and you have the vibe of Kro Vargas’ page.

Her reminiscent pastel nails are everything we love about nails. Giver her page a follow for more inspiration. 

89. @latinwitch


The @latinwitch has bewitched us with her gorgeous art.

She takes simple concepts like daisy flowers and adorns them atop complexly painted nails.

Man, just out of this world.

90. @nailartfairy


Have you ever wanted a portrait of a historical figure on your nail?

The @nailartfairy certainly has had these client requests and we are here for it!

Each of her designs on her feed is unique to her talented eye for hand painted work.

91. @tiffanyabbigailebeauty
Tiffany Abbigaile


Tiffany is a pro at yielding high quality gel art like Moroccan tiles and animal print that are going to help grow her feed to influencer level!

Look out for her page because she's up and coming. Watch out now.

92. @polished_yogi


If you love good clean aesthetic designs than you will love Stefanie’s page!

She has a simple, but fun look with lots of varying polish combinations.

93. @coyarose
Nicoya Grobman


Nicoya’s designs are so realistic, it’s hard to believe they are on nails!

Her technique is priceless. Check out her page today for more designs like this.

94. @nailalamode_
Krystal Padro


Krystal Padro is a color explosion on Instagram!

We love it!

Her gel nails and hand paintings are incredible, yet simple.

95. @nailart.bycaroline
Caroline Moyes


Are you looking for trendy seasonal gel nails?

Caroline makes it her mission to search Pinterest and beyond for the perfect occasion nail.

96. @gloss_la


Who doesn’t love a good monochromatic nail with a pop of a neon shade?

Gloss_la has tons of ideas for taking your every day polishes and elevating them to runway worthy IG nails.

97. @bhambnails
Pria B



There you have it! One of the greatest.

Instagram’s @bhambnails features nail art that looks like it came from an alternative music video that will rock your world!

98. @aanchysnails


Plates are an amazing way to get creative with your designs, as shown on Aanchal’s Instagram page.

She is an expert nail artist and design. Check out her Instagram page out today.

99. @chellys_nails
Michelle Soto


The passion and skill that must go into Michelle Soto’s nails will make you want to love.

From pop art to marble textures, Michelle can do it all.

100. @rachelglamm
Rachel Glamm


Rachel can create ombre and stiletto nails that are fit for a Kardashian queen.

Give this picture a double-tab and her page a follow.

101. @tonysnail
Tony Ly


Tony Ly is another high profile nail artist who has unleashed the power of simple beauty.

His skill is precise and his creativity is unmatched.

He is someone to follow if you are looking to enhance your nail artistry.

102. @badbitchfiles
Tayler Senne


Tayler’s acrylic nail designs are the bomb!

She is worth the follow if you want to keep up with current acrylic nail art trends.

103. @leanntran_nailart
Leann Trần


Glow up with @leanntran_nailart.

Her textured ballerina nails are insane! Give Leann's page a follow for beautiful and elegant nail designs today.

104. @nailz_by_dev
Devin Strebler


Devin’s nail art is a fun mix of street art with cartoon designs.

If you're looking for something unique and different then you need to give Devin's Instagram page a follow.

105. @vinanailshouston


Vina’s nails are fancy enough to be put on royalty.

Her acrylic paint work is complex and skillful. One of the most talented in the game. Praise.

106. @nailedbycleo
Cleo Canda


Cleo Canda has the low down on nail swag decor.

Her funky and fresh acrylic nail art transforms the average stiletto or coffin nail into showstoppers.

107. @franzi.fri


Who loves a feminine glittery sheer?

Yes, please! Franzi presents an array of bright and bold gel colors with just the right balance of sheer that every manicurist needs in their life.

108. @dimondsndprls


Emily’s page showcases the beauty in the simplicity of a good, basic polish.

She focuses on her favorite quality shades, making it easy for you to decide which one to invest in next.

109. @curlycomedynailart
Abbi Crutchfield


Abbi’s page will leave you feeling inspired and positive.

She also has a lot of dope highlights that are worth checking out.

110. @polish.lab.rat


Glam, bright, and sparkle are words to describe Larissa’s designs.

She will inspire you to expand your color palette with high quality polishes.

111. @gingerlypolished


We love a good multicolor gradient and Quinn is the medicine doctor for our gradient needs!

Try checking out her page now.

112. @your.girl.vee


While Vee usually promotes polishes, she will occasionally feature a complex creation with designs like holographic micro flakes.

Is there anything she can’t do?

113. @oliveandjune
Sarah Gibson Tuttle


Sarah Gibson Tuttle understands the importance and elegance of basic nudes and makes their look accessible to clients and artists of all skill levels.

114. @lovefreshpaint


If you love to play around with multi color palettes, Crystal has several gorgeous examples on her feed.

Her style is simple but trendy. Super fly.

115. @gotnail


JayLynn at @gotnail is the polish queen!

Her whole feed is a compilation of mesmerizing and luxurious polish colors.

116. @glosshouse
Christine Doan


Christine over at Glosshouse screams glam with her high gloss looks that play with negative space.

Many of her looks are inspired by high end abstract jewelry, making her page one to save.

117. @rachel.messick
Rachel Messick


Did someone say sparky nails?

Rachel Messick has the trendiest and most adorable stick ons featured on her page. Go over and check out her page.

So… What do you think?

Now I want to hear from you.

What do you think of this list?

Or maybe I missed one of your favorite influencers.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below. 


  • Xochitl Sep 23, 2020

    Some other phenomenal nailartists @coewlesspolish @fificrossnails @nailpolishsociety

  • SarahSep 22, 2020

    I love the swatches @lackislove is posting.
    She’s showing normal polishes and gelpolishes and a lot of different brands.
    And I really like #plentyofcolors when it comes to nailart. She is an amazing artist with colorful designs

  • Gillian Sep 22, 2020

    My favourites @nailedit_beauty and @polshedbylearnahstarbuck are missing! My nail inspiration who’s work is amazing and flawless ❤️

  • Lisa GoodwinSep 22, 2020
    @ghostlynails on Instagram. Awesome nail art!!
  • SamSep 22, 2020

    You missed out @nailsandtowel she’s extremely talented and a shame that she has not gone viral by now.

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