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Useful Facts about Acrylic Nail Brushes

Useful facts about acrylic nail brushes

You are aware how long it will require getting your nails done if you are a DIY fanatic. This is mainly true if you wish to have more than the usual polish in your nails. You can still achieve it if you have the best nail acrylic brush.

Good quality acrylic nail brush

There are lots of manufacturers and brands that offer different brush styles and sizes, thus, you have to be specific every time you use one, and wash them completely before and after every half year. Making it a habit will prolong the shelf life of the brush. 

Complex nail designs can be accomplished with the use of the best acrylic nail brushes. You will also find out that most bristles are made from natural kolinsky sable brush hair which helps oil products to easily glide. If you’d prefer an artificial, you can still be able to find an excellent alternative made of nylon.

Acrylic nail brush shapes

One of the best acrylic nail brushes that can help you achieve beautiful-looking nails is the 100% thick Kolinsky Acrylic Nail Brush.

100% Thick Acrylic Nail Brush

Acrylic Nail Brush


Nail art has been a trend for the past years, and the secret to achieving beautiful nail arts is a good quality nail brush. Acrylic nail brushes are intended to create complex nail designs. If you use the wrong type of brushes, you will not get the details you want to create. Moreover, it will be hard for you to control the flow of the polish when painting using a wrong acrylic nail brush. 

Kolinsky Acrylic Nail Brush

  • It is lightweight
  • It is best for applying acrylic with better control
  • It is crimped and flat
  • It is available in different sizes and ranges
  • It is a salon-grade brush
  • It is fit for acrylics
  • It is 100% Kolinsky sable manufactured
Kolinsky acrylic nail brush

Made from 100% kolinsky sable hair, the acrylic nail brushes are both high quality and also pretty to look at. 

Choosing the Best Acrylic Nail Brush

One of the essential tools that a nail technician should have is a top quality oil nail brush. The better the quality of the brush, the better the final result of the acrylic nail will be. What are the considerations before buying an acrylic nail brush?


Professionals in the field of nail care have different views regarding what the exact handle length be for a nail brush. Some would prefer a shorter handle as it lets the nail tech perform closer to the nail for increased precision. In choosing the diameter of the brush bristles, keep mind that the more hair the brush has, the more liquid it can hold. Thus, the ideal brush to use for a new set of nails is one with a huge belly. 

acrylic nail brush sizes


Typically, nail technicians choose acrylic brushes with round tips for applying acrylic nail products. The curved size of the brush is the most useful for techs as they can sew acrylics onto the nail plates using the broadest part of the brush. Afterwards, the tip can be used to work around the cuticle areas which are hard to reach.

On the other hand, experienced nail techs may prefer a brush that is contour-shaped. This will take the guesswork from making an obviously curved arch of the nail. Slightly oval or level tipped brushes are great for small quantity applications near the cuticle. Nail technicians usually opt for a tiny pointed nail brush when working on a complex sculptured art.

acrylic nail brush bristles


The price of an acrylic nail brush can vary from $10 to $50, and even above. Since bigger sizes of brushes have more hair, they will obviously cost more. The more expensive the brush is, the more superior its features are. This means that the brush is far from shedding its hair, plus the ferrule is considerably more secured.

Though it can be tempting to buy an expensive one, a skilled nail technician might choose the best brush that can be easily managed and endure the coming years

high quality kolinsky acrylic nail brush

Making attractive nail art needs more than good nail polish and experience in applying nail coatings. Having a quality acrylic nail brush is also an aspect to be considered. You will want to use a brush that is made for a specific task. This way, you will be able to achieve designs that you most desire, even the smallest and complicated details.

attractive acrylic nail brushes

Acrylic nail brushes are a vital part of getting your nails beautifully done. There are many options and considerations before you can actually have the brush you prefer. Individuals also have their own ways of using which many affect what they prefer from a brush. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, there are unique characteristics of an acrylic brush that will surely be an amazing fit for you.