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What Kind Of Bristles Does An Acrylic Nail Brush Need To Be Made Of?

What Kind Of Bristles Does An Acrylic Nail Brush Need To Be Made Of?

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Have you ever worked with a brush that wouldn't hold its shape? Maybe a brush that couldn’t pick up the right size bead. Or worse, a brush where the bristles fell out when you were working on a customer.

That would be a complete disaster.

You call this manicure?!


It takes more than just knowing the right techniques to be a pro in the acrylic nail industry.

If you want to be a good nail technician then it’s important to have the right acrylic brushes. 

What Makes An Acrylic Nail Brush So Important?

Why is an acrylic nail brush different from other nail brushes? This is because of the bristles. The material your bristles are made of makes all the difference. 

Before buying an acrylic nail brush, you have to be sure if the bristles are made of the right materials. Most gel nail brush bristles are made from synthetic materials like nylon and other plastics. These bristles do not work well when it comes to applying acrylic nails.

Nail Brush Anatomy

What Should The Bristles Of An Acrylic Nail Brush Be Made From?

Natural animal hair. The bristles of a good acrylic brush are made from the fur of two animals, Kolinsky or Sable.

Kolinsky is the name of the small forest weasels in the forests of Asia. The tail fur they produce during winter makes the best bristles for acrylic nail brushes.

Sable is also a small weasel-like animal primarily found in Russia, Siberia, and other parts of Asia. Their fur is also very popular in the acrylic nail brush industry as it works almost as well as the kolinsky while being a bit less expensive. 

kolinsky sable hair


Why Must Acrylic Nail Brushes Be Made From Sable Or Kolinsky?

1. The natural hair bristles hold the acrylic liquid much better than the synthetic one. The cuticle on the hairs absorbs just enough monomer that enables you to pick up that perfect bead.

2. Kolinsky sable brushes have a full belly with a naturally pointed and thin tip that makes applying and shaping the acrylic possible. The natural bristles have the perfect combination of strength and suppleness to smear the acrylic in any direction. 

3. Acrylic brushes with natural bristles, especially kolinsky, last a whole lot longer than synthetic nail brushes

liquid monomer in dappen dish

Vegan Acrylic Nail Brushes

Understandably, you might not want to buy one of these to apply acrylic nails. There is an increasing demand for synthetic acrylic nail brushes that have the same benefits as natural ones and without harming any animals.

Manufacturers are developing high-quality acrylic nail brushes with synthetic bristles that have a very similar structure to natural hair. However, the brushes with bristles from kolinsky-sable currently remain the best option.

best acrylic nail brush

How Do I Know If My Acrylic Nail Brush Is Kolinsky?

As with all beauty products, there are always fakes circulating the market. You can also end up buying brushes with mixed bristles from other animals. Truth is, you can not always be sure if the bristles of your new brush are truly made from where it says. But our acrylic brushes are. 

Pro tip: One good way to check is if the tip of the brush is a darker shade than the belly of the brush. This is how the kolinsky tail hairs are naturally arranged and it’s a good indicator.

Can You Use Rubbing Alcohol To Clean Acrylic Nail Brushes?

Another thing you could do is to check the reviews for that product but beware of fake reviews!

Pro tips: How To Make Your Acrylic Nail Brush Last Long

* You probably don’t want to buy a new kolinsky brush every 6 months. That’s why taking care of those bristles and the whole brush, in general, is important.

*Don’t let the bristles come in contact with your skin. Once won’t hurt but constant exposure to the oils produced by your skin will damage the bristles.

nail brush application

* Take care of the bristles like it’s your hair, don’t use harsh agents such as acetone or detergent to clean your brush. Always use monomer. Here is how to clean your acrylic nail brush

* Allow your brush to dry before storing it.

* If available, cover the brush with a brush cap or store it by placing it vertically in a brush holder with the bristles facing up.

proper storage of acrylic nail brush


Phew, and that’s that on acrylic nail brush bristles.

Buying a new acrylic nail brush can be a bit of a hassle. Especially if you don’t have the experience or know the best brushes to buy. I certainly hope this article helped clear some doubts. 

nailed it

How do you clean your acrylic brushes? Let me know in the comment section and indicate if this article was helpful!

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For our expert nail techs out there, I would love to hear about your best and worst acrylic nail brush experiences!