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How To Start A Mobile Nail Technician Business

The greatest benefit of starting a mobile nail technician business is that you can work whenever you want to.

Your clients benefit as well because they are receiving manicures and pedicures at home from a professional nail technician.

How do you become a self-employed mobile nail technician? Where do you start and what is required of you?

How to Become a Licensed Mobile Nail Technician

Requirements of becoming a licensed nail technician may vary from State to State in the U.S.

Make sure you are qualified according to your State’s requirements and rules. Many nail technician training courses train and prepare students for the required licensing exam.

If you’re moving to a different State, make sure your certification is transferrable.

As a newly qualified nail technician, it’s advisable to gain experience in a salon before you start your own business.

While gaining experience, note what works that you would like to implement in your mobile nail salon and what won’t work for your mobile nail salon business.


Competing with Other Mobile Nail Technicians Businesses

Research the current mobile nail technician businesses in your area. Who are their clients?

What kind of services do they offer?

Where is there a gap in the market that your competitors are not reaching?

Who are the potential clients?

Do you want to focus on individuals, pamper parties, celebrations, and events, or do you want to bring your services to organizations, nursing homes or hospitals?

What services can you offer that they can’t or don’t?

In other words, what makes your mobile business different from theirs?

You could stand out from the crowd by simply using quality products or creating trendy nail art. Perhaps it is your gentle touch when working with the elderly that sets you apart from your competitors. 

Protect Your Nail Business and Your Customers

Although you may have been taught safety precautions during your training, it is a good policy to familiarize yourself with the safety regulations pertaining to your industry.

The chemicals you work with may be harmful or irritating to sensitive skin.

Make sure you know how to clean your equipment to avoid transferring a nail fungus or other diseases among clients.

An additional risk to health and safety could be the environment where you offer your services.

Your tools and equipment may be sanitized but the premises may not be.

If it were your salon, you could keep it sanitized but you have no control over the home, office, or facility you visit.

Have clients sign a waiver against bacterial and other possible health issues to protect your business.


How Much Does A Mobile Nail Technician Earn?

How much you are going to earn depends on how many hours you work, your clientele, how busy you are, and what services you offer.

There is no reason that you should earn less than other nail technicians.

Your pricing structure should be in line with industry standards but doesn’t have to be as high as the prices of large nail salons.

You don’t have the overheads they have, like paying staff, rent, water bill, etc. So, you can ask lower fees for your services giving you a competitive edge.

Mobile Nail Technician Business Set-Up

Do you have a van with a full setup like a nail salon on wheels or do you make use of a foldable table?

Both have pros and cons. If you want to equip your van, make sure what are the rules and regulations in your State.

Keep admin simple but effective; you don’t want to spend hours on admin instead of clients. Use an app or exile spreadsheet to create a client database and for scheduling appointments.

Make sure you are licensed and have the appropriate certifications that your State requires. 


Mobile Nail Technician Marketing

Advertising your services is important to expand your clientele.

Designed how you are going to promote your business. An online presence is a cost-effective way to market your nail salon.

Social media and having a website are ways to promote your business.

Branding helps create the image of success and draws clients. The name of your mobile nail technician business should be easy to remember. Have plenty of business cards to hand out.

Letterheads with your logo and advertising your salon on your vehicle are ways to improving the branding of your business. Keep the branding uniform so that customers can easily recognize and remember your business.

How to Get Clients As A Mobile Nail Technician

Team up with likeminded business owners.

Consider joining with other businesses that complement yours. A makeup artist or hairstylist may have clients they can refer to you, and vice versa.

Offer discounts to customers who arrange a series of appointments for you.

For example, your customer could invite a few friends to her home. Give her a discount for organizing a string of appointments.

Continue to market your business and stay current with trends and your industry.

Incorporate into your budget funds for training new techniques and products.